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I used to own a photography business.  It was a path that introduced me to some wonderful people I would never have known otherwise.  I had a lot of fun and had dreams that it would become my source of income.  Then, one day, summer returned to Minnesota and I realized that I really wanted to spend my weekend afternoons in the woods with my dog, and I wanted to spend my evenings outside under my patio lights, drinking cocktails and getting lost in a book; not sitting indoors editing photos, planning marketing strategies, or filing receipts.  So I decided to take a break…and then I didn’t go back.

So here I am. 

Now I pick up my camera when inspiration strikes or sometimes when a friend asks. I shoot mostly film but I am not ready to give up on digital. I hang out in my kitchen – a lot – and take Phaneuf to the woods when we both agree on the weather (and sometimes when we don’t).  In the summer I sit on my patio and listen to the Twins, and in the winter I hide under a blanket and pin things.  Occasionally I make time to get lost in a book.